Wednesday, March 23, 2016

40% of Minority Tech Engineers Report Experiencing Bias - LIGHTREADING

Originally published: March 2016

Jopwell (, the leading recruitment and hiring platform for building a more diverse workforce, today announced the results of a commissioned study to examine diversity challenges among underrepresented ethnic minority engineers in the technology industry. Only 2-3% of all engineering roles at technology-based companies are held by Black, Latino/Hispanic, or Native American talent.* That gap prompted the study, which polled 300 Black, Latino/Hispanic and Native American engineers from US technology companies between February 17-26, 2016.

85% Say a Fair Workplace is Diverse
Among all underrepresented minority engineers surveyed, 85% agreed that “a fair workplace includes people from every race.” 11% were neutral and only 4% disagreed.

“This is an important point for companies challenged with recruiting and hiring underrepresented minority professionals,” said Porter Braswell, CEO and cofounder of Jopwell. “Inclusivity in the workplace – an authentic sense of diversity and inclusion – helps attract, recruit, and hire the best and brightest talent.”

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