Thursday, March 24, 2016

5 Essentials To Managing Multicultural Teams - FASTCOMPANY

by Gwen Moran 
Originally published: March 23, 2016

Managing culturally diverse teams requires the same skills as managing teams in general, but there are some things that need extra attention.

Perhaps your company has worked hard to cultivate diversity. Or, maybe you’re part of a multicultural organization that prioritizes the contributions of a diverse workforce. Now, you’re managing a culturally diverse team and you want to maximize the contributions each member can offer.

"The potential for misalignment or different expectations goes up exponentially when you have people coming from different cultural backgrounds," says consultant David Livermore, founder of Cultural Intelligence Center, a cultural intelligence consultancy, and author of Driven by Difference: How Great Companies Fuel Innovation through Diversity. While managing culturally diverse teams requires the same skills to manage teams well in general, there are some particular areas that may need attention, he says.

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