Thursday, March 17, 2016

An Opportunity For Change: Fixing The Diversity Issue - MOVIEPILOT

by Christopher Bell
Originally published: March 16, 2016

Times are a changing! Audiences and celebrities are showing their disgust over not having proper representation on screen and the call for change has never been louder. But is Hollywood finally ready to listen and fix a problem that has been plaguing it for years?

While the conversation of diversity in film has been around for a very long time, the reprise of #OscarsSoWhite for the second year created a media firestorm. The situation of having nothing but all white nominees in every major acting category for two years running is just a symptom of a larger issue. But it ignited a conversation about diversity on screen that has everyone giving their opinion on how to fix the problems.

"It's about acknowledging that white men don't have a lock on good stories, and letting others' stories be told as well as possible"

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