Thursday, March 17, 2016

Asian-American members challenge Academy on diversity, 'racist stereotypes' - USA TODAY

by  Maria Puente
Originally published: March 15, 2016


Oscars host Chris Rock's unfunny jibes about Asian Americans at the Academy Awards last month spurred two-dozen Asian-American members of the Academy to an unprecedented demand: No more "racist stereotypes" at future Oscar ceremonies.

Also, says the letter to the Academy signed by 25 members, including two-time Oscar-winning director Ang Lee, the Academy needs to expand its definition of diversity to include other minorities besides African Americans.

"By diversity the black and white powers-that-be at the Academy apparently mean only black and white; they're totally oblivious to Asian, Hispanics, LGBT and a host of other minorities in their definition of diversity," says actor George Takei, a signatory and member of the academy since 2002, who has worked in Hollywood since 1958.

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