Monday, March 28, 2016

Diversity Moments: The Business Case for LGBT Inclusion - GLOBAL LEARNING

Product Type: eLearning

Product Description: “Diversity Moments”

“Diversity Moments” is a unique and innovative approach to “just in time” organizational learning. This creative and comprehensive series of on-line learning “vignettes’’ is designed to introduce the user to situational aspects of diversity and inclusion content. Concise and thought provoking, these scenarios provide the learner with context, decision points, and a take-away in 3 to 5 minutes of interactive web-based training.

Topic Description: The Business Case for LGBT Inclusion

What is institutionalized homophobia? Do you know the definition of a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered person? This diversity moment teaches you a little about LGBT culture and how they, just like everyone else, have the right to work in a professional, unbiased, safe environment.