Monday, March 28, 2016

Female Programmers Make Only 72% Of Male Wages: What Are We Going To Do About It? - FORBES

by Tim Worstall 
Originally published: March 25 2016

In the details of that recent Glassdoor survey of male and female wages is an interesting little point that the Wall Street Journal has picked up on. Among computer programmers the gender pay gap GPS +0.14% appears to be an alarmingly large 72%. That is, female programmers get paid only that percentage of male programming wages. As they say:

Mind the Gender Pay Gap: Female Computer Programmers Earn 72 Cents on the Dollar, Study Says

That looks like it’s a large enough difference that we’d like to do something about it, doesn’t it? The obvious question though is, well, what do we do about it? Because as ever with these sorts of gross numbers this isn’t a very good guide to policy. For:

Computer programmers, some of the oldest workers in the tech industry, have the largest gender pay gap compared to all other professions across all industries, according to a new study.

Women who write the software that runs on mainframe computers earn on average 72 cents per dollar earned by their male counterparts, according to research conducted by Glassdoor Inc., the online job information firm. That pay gap exists even after controlling for age, education, experience, job title, employer and location.

Yes, but, is that some point that is specific to the mainframe computing, or even the computing, industry in general? Or is that a reflection of something more societal?

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