Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Fixing Mental Health In The Workplace Requires A Lot More Than A Yoga Room - FASTCOEXIST

by Jessica Leber
Originally published: March 2016

Companies are recognizing that our work culture is incredibly damaging to employees' mental health. Now they need to fix it for real—not just plaster over it with gimmicks.

Many alcoholics avoid talking about their problem, even with close friends. Robert Tyndall came out about it to 20,000 of his coworkers.

Tyndall, a senior vice president at Prudential Financial, was forced to confront his years of daily drinking at a performance review in 2010. After some bad behavior at company functions, his boss warned him never to drink at a work event again. Mortified, Tyndall listened—for a while. But soon he slipped at another gathering. His second conversation with his boss was more blunt: "‘You need to get help, but I’ll have to fire you if you don’t,’" Tyndall recalls she said.

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