Thursday, March 17, 2016

Meet the Woman Trying to Fix Silicon Valley's Diversity Problem - FORTUNE

by Leena Rao
Originally published: March 15, 2016


Joelle Emerson is working to balance the talent distribution in tech.

As a lawyer fresh out of law school, Joelle Emerson believed she could make an impact by working at San Francisco non-profit Equal Rights Advocates, to represent women who had been discriminated against in the workplace. She quickly realized the companies she was suing were all in tech. “There was a real problem,” Emerson told Fortune. “I wanted to help companies that want to get it right rather than suing companies that get it wrong.”

As a result, she founded Paradigm, a consulting shop that has become a go-to adviser for tech unicorns including Airbnb, Pinterest, Slack, and online ed startup Udacity. She’s also working with Intuit  (INTU 0.97%)  and Opower.

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