Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Calgarians urge transit officers to be more educated on diversity - METRONEWS

by Helen Pike 
Originally published: March 30, 2016

Transit said ticket mishaps are common in policing, apologized

These were only a few of the emotions running through Aneela Arif's head when she was asked to step off the CTrain by a group of male peace officers who told her the pass she had purchased weeks ago wasn't hers.

Arif immigrated to Canada from Pakistan. She's alone in a strange country surrounded by uniformed men.

"It was trauma for a few moments," Arif said. "What's going on. My husband's not with me. What are they talking about? I got this pass myself, I got it. How can I make them think I haven't done anything?"

She was holding a low income pass, which was purchased by her, but by mistake registered under her husband's name. Those passes are non-transferrable, so, in the eyes of the transit cops, she was in the wrong.

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