Thursday, March 31, 2016

Paternity Leave Canada: 5 Countries That Have A Lot To Teach Us - HUFFINGTONPOST

by Roslyn Costanzo
Originally published: March 29, 2016

In recent years, most of the world's 34 richest countries have developed policies that grant dads paid paternity leave or set aside a portion of parental leave exclusively for dads, known as "daddy quotas." But not Canada.

The benefits of paternity leave are many. "Father's leave is linked to more involvement in child-care activities such as helping a baby to eat, changing [diapers], getting up in the night, bathing and reading to a child," explains Dr. Jennifer Baxter of the Australian Institute for Family Studies.

Her research on the topic makes the link between a dad's heightened involvement in the early years and a baby's increased cognitive abilities. Other studies prove that dads who are hands-on from the beginning have a positive impact on their child's academic performance as far down the road as high school.

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