Monday, March 21, 2016

Ratna Omidvar, Toronto expert on diversity, to sit as independent senator - CBC

Originally published: March 18, 2016

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A Toronto woman who has spent more than 30 years fighting to make Canada more inclusive received a call from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier this week. She was in Ottawa for a holiday with her grandchildren when the phone rang.

"It isn't the intermediary. It's the prime minister himself. I was stunned into silence for quite a little while," Ratna Omidvar, 66, told CBC News.

Trudeau told her he was going to recommend her for an appointment to the Senate and she would sit as an independent from Ontario. "It was an excellent conversation," she said. 

The call left her "overcome with joy." Omidvar said she is convinced she was chosen because of her length of service and her ability to work with people of different political affiliations.

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