Monday, March 28, 2016

Survey: Female lawyers face bias - TBO

By Elaine Silvestrini
Originally published: March 27, 206

One female lawyer reported that a colleague was told by a supervisor she was acting as if her child was more important than her job.

Another said work colleagues assumed she had no private life because she wasn’t married and didn’t have children.

And still others said they learned that male attorneys were paid more than women with the same qualifications.

They and many others responded to a recent survey of young female lawyers by the Young Lawyers Division of the Florida Bar, which determined gender bias remains pervasive in the state’s legal system.

In fact, the survey found 43 percent of respondents saying they’d experienced gender bias in their career and 42 percent said they had difficulties maintaining a balance between work and their private lives.

Florida Bar President Ray Abadin says these findings are shocking and unacceptable.

“I thought we had made much more progress on gender issues,” Abadin said. “Those are things that were happening when I was a young lawyer 30 years ago and were unacceptable then.”

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