Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Diversity Demographic Survey - GLOBAL LEARNING

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Global Learning’s online and in-person assessment tools are the best available on the market. They are easy to understand and use and have been validated for over 10 years by thousands of companies.

Topic Description: The Diversity Demographic Survey

How Well do you Know your People?

  • Can you answer these questions?
  • How diverse are your people, particularly at different levels of your organization?
  • Who are you hiring and promoting?
  • Are all people able to succeed in your organization regardless of the things that make them different?
  • Is your existing diversity data collection inclusive of all of your people?
More than ever before, organizations like yours need to understand their employee base in order to accurately spend shrinking budgets on diversity initiatives and other programs that will have the most impact on their greatest asset – their people.
…but who are those people? Existing data collection systems and methods tend to create four silos – women, visible minorities, people with disabilities, and aboriginal people or people of the First Nations. With more and more focus on inclusion, organizations need a data collection solution that will allow everyone to feel like he or she is counted.

Global Learning’s Solution: The Diversity Demographic Survey

Global Learning, a recognized leader in human capital solutions, has developed a cost-effective, customizable tool to meet your employee diversity demographic data collection requirements.
Our Diversity Demographic Survey is designed to be an inclusive demographic data collection system that complies with and exceeds the requirements of the Government of Canada’s Employment Equity Act (EEA) and will help you:
  • broaden your data collection to be more inclusive of all your people (not just legally identified groups)
  • mitigate privacy and legal risks to ensure your employees’ data is confidential and protected
  • create reports that provide the aggregate information you need in a format that’s easy to understand
The Diversity Demographic Survey is designed to work as an online “out of the box” solution that can be implemented quickly and easily; or work with our experts to customize the tool to address your organization’s unique needs.
This tested solution will be an important part of your toolkit to help create a more inclusive organization. In addition, we can work with you to develop your communications plan to ensure a successful launch.
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