Thursday, March 31, 2016

Women over 65 double participation in workforce, Statistics Canada finds - CBC

Originally published: March 30, 2016

About 90 per cent of Canadian women currently over age 65 have had a job at some point in their lifetime and nine per cent are still working, despite being past the usual age of retirement.

That is part of a new portrait of women over 65 released today by Statistics Canada, based on data from the census, household survey and other research.

In a marked change from in the past, more women in this group have worked or are working. In 1976, just 58.4 per cent of women over age 65 had ever held a job in their lifetime.

And just a decade ago, only 4.8 per cent of senior women worked, so the percentage of those with jobs has nearly doubled since then.

That trend to continue working reflects in part the longer lives senior women expect to live and a drop in senior incomes in the past decade. There's a new confidence that the world of work can help them stay above the poverty line. 

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