Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Honey Maid Sees The World (And Internet) Is Better With More Acceptance - FASTCOCREATE

by Jeff Beer
Originally published: April 4, 2016
Publisher: Fastcocreate.com

The latest move in "This Is Wholesome" campaign sees the positive side of all our differences.

Amid the current climate of political discourse—discriminating legislation, patrolling neighborhoods—you'd be forgiven for missing the positive images of living in a diverse society. Now Honey Maid is shining its wholesome spotlight on the uplifting and optimistic side of life with the latest edition of its "This Is Wholesome" campaign with three heartwarming stories of acceptance.

Four new ads, created by agency Droga5, introduce us to a pair of new neighbors, an adopted brother, and a father who all have chosen acceptance over conflict. Positive over negative. It continues the message started in 2014, that has become a significant part of the brand's overall strategy and image. As senior marketing director Gary Osifchin told Co.Create last year, "It’s catapulted the brand to the emotional level. Historically, the brand’s always been used in recipes, but we’ve gone from that to a brand that people want and choose to use because of the message we’re putting into the world."

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