Monday, April 4, 2016

How To Avoid Career Complacency - CATALYST

by Tory Paez 
Originally Published: March 2016

Whether you refer to it as your quarter- or mid-life crisis, boredom with your current role, or stagnation in your company, it is important to know when it's time to adjust, pivot, or begin something new in your professional world. Career complacency can sneak up on you or quietly brew day by day. In order to avoid finding yourself unfulfilled, dissatisfied, or simply burned out in your current position, ask yourself five questions: 

1. If "X" didn't matter, what would you do? Let X equal money, your significant other, your parents, children, student loans, or whatever else might be keeping you in your current role. This is not to say your X is unimportant or easily overcome. Instead, it is a question to help you understand your highest pursuits, as well as your greatest challenges (and let's be honest, sometimes your greatest excuses) for not taking the plunge. Determine your significant challenges, as well as your deepest ambitions. 

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