Tuesday, April 5, 2016

This is what agency sexism really looks like - DIGIDAY

by Amit Gurnani
Originally published: 
Publisher: Digiday.com 

You’ve read about it: the JWT scandal that’s kicked off a public relations battle royale over sexism in the ad industry. Martin Sorrell conceded sexism is a widespread problem. Maurice Lévy thinks agencies are making progress. And you can damn well guess what Cindy Gallop says about the situation.

Here’s the thing: The head-honcho hullabaloo is a distraction. The rape jokes are a red herring. Sexism in today’s adland doesn’t look or sound like Gustavo Martinez. It’s subtler, more sinister and soaked into our culture.

Don’t know what I’m on about? Never seen it at your agency? Then consider this your intro to the real world. The following is a greatest hits compilation of my favorite sexist situations, experienced secondhand as a friend of females and firsthand as a gay male, across eight separate agencies. This, my friends, is how sexism really looks and sounds in the advertising industry.

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