Monday, April 4, 2016

Twitter CEO Addresses Diversity Woes At National Society of Black Engineers Convention - ATLANTA BLACK STAR

by Ricky Riley 
Originally published: April 3, 2016

 After months of battling ongoing diversity issues at Twitter, CEO Jack Dorsey talked to the National Society of Black Engineers at their annual convention last Friday in Boston about inclusion at the social media company.

The organization, founded in 1971 by two Purdue undergraduate students, has grown to include an estimated 30,000 members. Through vigilant networking, the organization is one of the nation’s biggest Black professional groups. It has provided jobs, scholarships, mentors and other valuable resources to working Black engineers.

The Twitter CEO was in the hot seat after recent and recurring accusations about diversity issues in the company stemming from former employee complaints and public outrage over hirings. Laura W. Powers, co-founder of CODE2040, spoke with Dorsey in front of a crowd of NSBE members about those diversity woes and the company’s plan to include more people of color in its workforce.

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