Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What the First Model with Down Syndrome in a Beauty Campaign Wants You to Know - MIC

by Hayley Wilbur
Originally published: April 5, 2016

Katie Meade was a natural when she stepped onto set for her first-ever beauty product campaign. Little did everyone in the Des Moines studio know that the advertisements would soon go viral for being the first campaign to feature a woman with Down syndrome. 

Meade, a 32-year-old Best Buddies International Global Ambassador and Special Olympics gold medal winner, perfectly embodied the fearless ideal that beauty brand Beauty & Pin-Ups was looking for when casting for its latest product launch. 

"I love looking good because when I look good, I feel good about myself and that's my motto... I want to inspire others, especially people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities to follow their dreams, like I have," Meade said in an email. "I love to show the world that people with disabilities have abilities." 

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