Friday, April 1, 2016

Wolfville basketball team includes students with intellectual disabilities - CBC

by David Burke 
Originally publisher: March 31, 2016

Horton High School in Wolfville has partnered with Special Olympics to start a basketball team that includes students with intellectual disabilities. 

"Giving athletes with an intellectual disability an opportunity to play for a team for their high school really breaks down barriers," said Mark Quinn, the program director of Special Olympics Nova Scotia.  

The team has about 20 students who all play together, regardless of whether they have an intellectual disability or not. Quinn said about nine of those students have an intellectual disability.  

"It looks like any other practice that would happen in Horton High School," he said. "There's a warm-up, they work on skill development, they finish off with a bit of a game, but it mostly looks like a regular practice."   

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