Wednesday, May 11, 2016

1 in 3 Female CEOs Are Opposed to Gender Diversity Quotas - FORTUNE

by Valentina Zarya
Originally published: May 10, 2016

Women on both sides of the issue have one concern: fairness.

Is “quota” the magic word—or a dirty one?

Mandatory quotas designed to bring more women into the top levels of business are popular in Europe and Scandinavia; Germany, Spain, Norway, France, and Iceland all have some sort of gender quota in place. But there is still plenty of debate over the efficacy of these rules, and some nations—including the U.S.—seem unwilling to even consider them.

But where do executive women fall on quotas? While you might expect female leaders to support policies intended to bolster their ranks, the reality is a bit more complicated, according to a new survey by Australian business improvement consultancy firm Derwent Scotch.

The firm’s sample size is relatively small, just 74 female CEOs of leading international companies, but its findings nevertheless provide an interesting window into who does and does not support gender quotas—and their reasons for doing so.