Thursday, May 5, 2016

Does Your University Reinforce Harmful Notions Of Race? - HUFFINGTONPOST

by Sheena C. Howard
Originally published: May 3, 2016

Minority college enrollment over the last decade has skyrocketed, this trend will continue as the demographics of the high school student population continues to shift towards a more diverse pool of graduates. Black and Hispanic post-secondary enrollment has grown considerably over the last decade as well. Black student college enrollment has increased by about 5 percentage points since 1976, reaching its peak in 2011. We also know that White college enrollment is continuing to decrease. With these trends, the 2015 protests by students of color across various campuses in the United States should be viewed as an inevitable occurrence.

As more and more students of color continue to enroll in college, a critical mass of diverse students will, and rightfully so, demand that business as usual is no longer acceptable across some American universities. Individuals that run universities must address the tangible and non-tangible marks that invite, perpetuate and exacerbate race-related issues and negative racial attitudes. All universities will be affected by the population demographic shifts going forward. Universities should be pro-active in preparing for this shift.