Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Five ways to get serious about workplace diversity - SBNONLINE

by Michael Marty 
Originally published: May 23, 2016
Publisher: SBNonline.com 

To be competitive, companies can no longer afford to view workplace diversity as a soft issue and miss out on the female talent pool, — not when highly educated young women are entering the workforce in equal, if not greater, numbers than young men and certainly not when research has consistently shown the clear correlation between female leadership and positive business outcomes.

With that in mind, here are five ways to get serious about workplace diversity right now. Today.

  1. Hire Better

    Getting serious about workplace diversity starts with the hiring process. That’s not to say it’s sound practice to hand down a directive to hire more women — you should always hire the best candidate for the job and your organization.The work real work begins before the interview. Companies doing this right are able to build a pipeline of female talent by cultivating relationships between the organization and women’s schools and professional networks. They’re not afraid to say they’re investing in diversity initiatives, or to proactively state their intentions to hire, develop and promote women in their workforce.When you can set the tone for an inclusive culture in the hiring process, it can help improve the organization’s reputation and attract top-level female talent.