Tuesday, May 10, 2016

FSU Sees Historic Increase In Minority Enrollment, Yet Faculty Diversity Remains Constant - THE BOTTOMLINE NEWS

by Tevin McDonald 
Originally published: May 9, 2016
Publisher: theBottomLineNews.com 

Currently, Frostburg State University is experiencing some of the highest rates of minority enrollment in the history of the school. However, the rate of minority faculty members remains at relatively low numbers, and students are beginning to notice the issue. Director of the Student Diversity Center Robin. V. Wynder gave some insight on this issue.

“It’s sad; there was a point that there were close to three dozen black faculty and staff,” Wynder said. “We do have African staff as well as Asian American and Hispanic, but we had black faculty members, a black Liberian; we also had black members in student’s affairs offices and in residence life. Unfortunately, that really is not the case now.”

According to Wynder, one of the potential reasons for this change in faculty diversity includes lower income levels.

“The pay is appropriate for the region, but why would you come here and make $50,000 when you could go to College Park and make $100, 000,” Wynder said. “While this pay scale involves everybody, black faculty members specifically with terminal degrees are in high demand.”

She also stated that many young, single black professionals that are recruited to the school have a hard time finding a social scene in Western Maryland. As a result, many of these professors become “suitcase professionals” and spend their time commuting which can become weary.

As a previous student of FSU, Wynder has seen the changes that the school has experienced over the years first-handily.