Monday, May 9, 2016

No, I Am Not Pregnant - CHRONICLE

by Emily Van Duyne 
Originally published: May 8, 2016

Early last fall, I was chatting with two students in my office when a staff administrator I work closely with, and consider a friend, popped her head in — ostensibly to say hello and catch up about a workshop we’d given together the previous week.

"Hey," she said. I noted that she, too, had a couple of students in tow. That was not unusual for either of us. Most female faculty and staff members spend a chunk of our "free" time helping students. Whatever the reason, what matters here is that what happened next had five witnesses.

She leaned further in, lowered her voice, and smiled conspiratorially: "You got something you wanna tell me, sister?"

I racked my already beleaguered brain, coming up short. "I don’t think so?" I said, raising my voice at the end in a question mark.