Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What Companies Are Looking for In Younger Workers - HUNT SCANLON

by Scot A. Scanlon 
Originally published: May 17, 2016

As Millennials continue to populate workplaces around the country, hiring and then developing this latest generational talent demographic has not been a straightforward process for hiring managers at many companies around the nation.

What Millennials seem to value over pay, it seems, is experience — but according to a number of recent studies they’re unwilling, generally-speaking, to sacrifice their personal lives for professional growth. Obtaining experience in one job, as opposed to many, has been a key challenge.

‘Learning Agility’

Now, a brand new study from the Futurestep division of Korn Ferry shows that learning agility — defined as the ability to learn from experiences and apply those learnings to new roles — was considered by 43 percent of hiring manager respondents as the top attribute they seek in freshly-minted college graduates. Problem is: learning agility virtually tied (30 percent) with business acumen (31 percent) as the largest skills gap among Millennials.