Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How Americans' Views On Gender Roles Are Hurting The Economy And Holding Us Back

by Kathleen Davis 
Originally published: June 28, 2016

Anne-Marie Slaughter shares her theory of "care feminism" and how it's the missing piece to achieving equality at home and work.

"We will achieve gender equality when we value caregiving as much as breadwinning. When we expect both men and women to be equally competent and equally responsible for caregiving and breadwinning," asserts Anne-Marie Slaughter.

Slaughter is the president of the nonpartisan think tank New America Foundation and author of the book Unfinished Business, much of which focuses on the need to value all elements of care-based work for both men and women. This, she says is the missing key to reaching gender equality.

"It’s about work that invests in others," she says, and that encompasses a variety of professions including teachers, therapists, coaches, as well as the unpaid work of being what she refers to as being the "lead parent."