Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How midlife internships are helping workers back into top jobs after a long career break - GUARDIAN

by Amelia Hill
Originally published: June 26, 2016
Publisher: theGuardian.com 

Schemes aim to bridge the gap between former professionals and companies who want to increase diversity among their staff

Former professionals, some of whom have spent over a decade away from the workplace, are being enticed back by the growing popularity of midlife internships.

The schemes aim to help highly qualified and experienced workers get back into top jobs after a long career break, typically – but not exclusively – taken for childcare reasons.

“The typical scheme resembles a short-term consulting project,” said Julianne Miles, co-founder of Women Returners, the organisation that introduced the concept of the midlife internship to the UK in 2014. “Returners work on CV-worthy projects which draw on their existing skills and experiences and they are paid accordingly. They can rebuild their professional confidence and skills in a supportive peer environment, receiving training, mentoring and access to corporate networks. They also get to practically test out the role and assess whether they want to return to a demanding corporate job.”