Thursday, June 23, 2016

How one bank is trying to make their workplaces more LGBT-friendly - YAHOO

by Michael Shulman
Originally published: June 21, 2016

On Monday, Yahoo Finance Canada looked at how companies are adapting to a more visible LGBTQ client base and workforce. Today, we take a deeper dive into one of the companies known for its LGBTQ-friendly policies.

Tim Thompson has worked at TD Bank for nearly three decades.

But it wasn’t until 2007, 17 years into his tenure, that he felt “safe enough” to come out at work.
What changed is that Thompson, current COO of TD Asset Management, received a promotion and started working closely with the company’s executives, including the CEO at the time, Ed Clark.

Clark was at the helm two years earlier when the TD became the first major financial institution to sponsor Toronto’s Pride festival and established its LGBTA Working Group in Canada. A year later, it also launched its LGTA Employee Pride Network.

“That’s when I learned that when Ed Clark talked about this stuff he wasn’t just reading something someone handed to him, Ed Clark from his heart he meant what he was talking about,” said Thompson.