Monday, June 13, 2016

'It's changed his view of life': Companies find hiring autistic employees has vast benefits - CHICAGO TRIBUNE

by Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz
Originally published: June 10, 2016

Doug Williams started noticing the signs when his son was 6 months old.

The absence of facial expressions. The drift of his gaze. Eventually, the agitation.

The official autism diagnosis came more than a year later, along with the whirlwind of figuring out schools and therapies. Not until his son, Hayden, reached high school and Williams glimpsed him as an adult did a fresh wake-up call hit.

What happens next?

Williams, CEO of suit-maker Hart Schaffner Marx, hopes to help answer that question for the many families worried about the same thing.

An estimated 50,000 individuals with autism graduate from high school every year, entering an adulthood without the supports they enjoyed in childhood.