Thursday, June 16, 2016

Promoting Gender Equality Plays a Vital Role in Retaining Top Talent - BUSINESS 2 COMMUNITY

by Len April
Originally published: June 15, 2016

Diversity isn’t just a staffing industry topic. It’s taken center stage during this polarizing election season — more than economics, job creation, the military or taxes. The groundbreaking and inspirational events of recent weeks demonstrate that a person’s capabilities, skills and worth have no cultural, intellectual, gender or racial bounds. We know that promoting gender equality plays a vital role in retaining top talent. So why must we still make the “business case” for inclusion? It’s proven itself, over and over again. Why should staffing professionals have to justify hiring exceptional people? Beyond implementing policies and procedures to strengthen diversity, I believe staffing firms and MSPs play a more critical role. They’re not just stewards of the underrepresented. As consultants outside the client’s organization, they’re ideally positioned to conquer the internal biases of business cultures that demand a “business case” to place qualified talent.

Triumphs for Diversity

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen a flurry of historic and barrier-breaking wins for equality. Hillary Clinton, who spent her life cracking the glass ceiling, has now shattered it. For the first time in the nation’s annals, a woman has been named a presidential nominee.

On June 5, Deshauna Barber was crowned Miss USA 2016. She’s not just the eighth African American to seize the title, she’s also destroyed every stereotype associated with women in pageants and the military. Barber is an intelligent, industrious and accomplished professional. The 26-year-old Georgia native is an IT analyst and Army officer, serving as Logistics Commander at Fort Meade.