Thursday, June 30, 2016

Report outlines how CPS is tackling gender equity issues - CALGARY HERALD

by Salmaan Farooqui
Originally published: June 29, 2016

The Calgary Police Service is tackling gender inequity in the force, tabling a report on Tuesday about progress they’ve made in changing HR practices and institutional culture.

The report, authored by Nina Vaughan, superintendent of the CPS Employee Services Division, outlined three years of work on understanding the specific issues that women faced in the police force. Much of the report involved soliciting feedback from different parts of the force to actually understand what the issues were.

“A lot of the work we’ve done so far is around our HR practises and professionalizing them,” said Vaughan. “The biggest piece of work is understanding what the issues are around gender in the workplace.”

The CPS worked with the University of Calgary’s gender studies program, using gender perception surveys and follow up sessions to understand and address some of the barriers and male-dominated institutional culture that was holding back equity in the workplace.

“You can’t really fix what you don’t understand,” Vaughan said.