Friday, June 24, 2016

The UPS Foundation To Award More Than $ 7.4 Million To Promote Diversity & Inclusion In Communities Around The World - JUST MEANS

Originally published: June 23, 2016

Today, The UPS Foundation, which leads the global citizenship programs for UPS (NYSE: UPS), announced it will award more than $ 7.4 million in global diversity and inclusion grants to 36 different organizations. Grants will support inclusiveness and economic empowerment opportunities for women and diverse people across the globe.

“The UPS Foundation seeks to engage, empower and lift-up those of us who have been underserved and underrepresented in communities around the world,” said Eduardo Martinez, president of The UPS Foundation and chief diversity and inclusion officer at UPS. “Collaborating with our partner organizations, our focus on empowering and championing women and diverse people will create stronger, more resilient societies, and, ultimately, a more inclusive and diverse global workforce.”

Organizations receiving grants focus on: building economic empowerment through microloans and financial planning, fostering workplace inclusion, and driving global leadership development to ensure women and young girls reach their full potential. An overarching focus is on empowering women to pursue their dreams in business and make a difference in their societies.