Monday, June 20, 2016

We are PROUD: Authenticity in the Workplace - HUFFINGTON POST

by Ellyn Shook
Originally published: June 17, 2016
Publisher: Huffington Post

Like the rest of the world, I was horrified and saddened by the shootings that took place earlier this week in Orlando. It is impossible to make sense of a tragedy like this.

In the face of such extreme adversity, it was important for our Accenture family to stand united in our commitment to LGBT workplace equality. Families accept, celebrate, and care for one another. It was in this spirit that Accenture moved forward with our plans to host a global webcast, Pride Across Borders, in partnership with our clients at The Procter & Gamble Company, to celebrate this month of Pride. There can be no better response, at a tragic time like this, than to remain joyously proud and all the more resolute in pursuit of true equality.

I was honored to speak during the webcast and share Accenture’s unwavering belief that our diversity makes us smarter and more innovative. And while constantly improving our policies and programs is essential, what matters most is how we connect with each other as human beings so everyone feels free to bring their authentic selves to work each day. Our people can be their best, knowing the full power of Accenture supports and embraces them.

During my webcast remarks, I shared an email I received from one of our analysts, Ryan Shanabarger, who was just starting his career at Accenture. While volunteering at a recruiting event, Ryan had reached out with some questions about Accenture’s diversity hiring efforts. I was delighted our culture made him feel comfortable reaching out to me, but what really made an impact was how he ended his email. He said, “I have had great experiences with Accenture so far, and our LGBT initiatives were one of the main reasons I joined the company.”