Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Why Is It So Much Harder For Women To Ask For A Raise? - BUSTLE

by Megan Grant
Originally published: June 28, 2016

It's a funny time to be living in when we're discussing sending people to Mars, but still haven't figured out how to give women equal pay for equal work performed by our male counterparts. Indeed, it's often even harder for women to ask for a raise than it is for men — which is exactly what a recent episode of Mic's webseries "Skirt the Issue With Jacqui Rossi" tackles. As the video demonstrates, gender discrimination maintains a death grip on the workplace, a fact which can be seen in everything from the pay gap to the rate of promotion. The numerous negative ways women are affected by gender inequality, while men remain unaffected by — or in some cases, even benefit from — are no laughing matter.

We already know that women earn a smaller paycheck than men, regardless of their role or performance. As of 2015, full-time, white women workers were earning 79 percent that which white men made, making for a 21 percent gender wage gap — and that's actually not so bad in the grand scheme of things: The number drops even lower for women of color, with, for example, black women earning 63 percent and Latina women earning 54 percent that which white men make, according to the American Association of University Women (AAUW).