Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A diverse RCMP for a diverse country - OTTAWA CITIZEN

Originally published: July 25, 2016
Publisher: OttawaCitizen.com 

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is struggling to fill its ranks with new recruits, so it will now allow permanent residents to join the force, while doing away with some of the testing that had previously been in place. The force, according to documents received by the National Post under access to information, anticipated that there would be blowback about whether or not this hurt the image of the force, making it seem less Canadian.

What’s clear is that there are pressures that make this move necessary; fewer young Canadians want to become police officers. And the RCMP can be a hard sell – moving across the country on placements isn’t appealing to everyone.

More critically, though, are the cultural issues within the force that might drive away recruits, including allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct, that have led to two reviews of the force. Nobody wants to work in that sort of environment, so job No. 1 ought not to be broadening the pool of applicants, but rather making the RCMP the sort of organization in which people want to work..