Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A multigenerational workforce is a strategic advantage - THE HINDU

by Sandeep Gandhi
Originally published:  July 20, 2016

Generational diversity in India is complex because of socio-economic variables like ‘first generation entrant to the workforce’, ‘rural/urban schooling’, ‘earning member status in the family’ and ‘parental occupation’.

They seem to impact the business environment in their various combinations and permutations. It broadly appears that there are three generations from a socio-economic categorisation perspective — the silver spoon generation, the rooted-in-the-past generation and the “Gemini twins” generation with conflicting values.

Though co-existence of multi generations in organisations is not a new occurrence, the modern iteration of the multigenerational workforce is caused by revised recruitment strategies of retaining or hiring retirees back into the workforce with more young people joining the job market more than ever before.