Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Are You Ready To Handle Political Tensions In The Workplace? - TLNT

by Mathilde Pribula
Originally published: July 11, 2016
Publisher: TLNT.com 

More than a quarter of HR professionals are already reporting an increase in workplace political volatility compared to previous election seasons, according to a recent Society for Human Resource Management poll. The same study found only 24% of organizations have written policies on how to handle political activities, though 72% say they discourage it.

SHRM Surevey on politicWhen work and politics mix, the risks are widespread. Employees may not feel safe or respected. Recruiting, retention and productivity can be impacted, as can brand loyalty and customer retention.

Even CEOs can be at risk: Remember how Mozilla’s CEO got ousted for donating money to legislation aimed at repealing gay marriage? The CEO’s values clashed with those of many of his employees and organizational stakeholders. Tthe repercussions were immediate and severe.