Monday, July 25, 2016

Brian Pincott asking Calgary councillors to consider gender-inclusive bathrooms - METRO NEWS

by Helen Pike 
Originally published: July 21, 2016

A notice of motion coming to City Hall on Monday will ask administration to change signs on single stall washrooms from gendered to gender-neutral.

There’s no stalling when it comes to progress at the city.

A hot and urgent topic in many municipalities comes down to the sign on bathroom doors – and Brian Pincott doesn’t want to skirt around the issue. In a notice of motion coming before councillors on Monday, he’s proposing all of the city’s “single occupancy” washrooms get re-signed to be gender neutral.

“We need to develop a policy that on future City of Calgary buildings, purchased or renovated, we have a policy in place so we include gender neutral washrooms,” said Pincott.

He consulted with the city’s LGBTQ community and asked where the city could be more inclusive, and without hesitation the response was: washrooms.