Thursday, July 7, 2016

Connexis 'attracting women to infrastructure industry' - VOXY

Originally published: July 6, 2016

Connexis is leading the way with its strategies around creating a more gender diverse workplace in New Zealand's infrastructure industries.

Wellington based Connexis - the Industry Training Organisation (ITO) for New Zealand's Infrastructure industry - has been working to attract more women into trade and technical roles within New Zealand's infrastructure industry in a bid to fill a large void in the workforce.

These strategies have been led by Connexis Board Chair Frances Hague, who since 2010 supported by her all male Board, has worked to gain buy-in from the Chief Executives and key decision makers in Electricity Supply Companies, to address the under representation of females within their industry in an initiative called 'Ultimit'.

In 2015 the initiatives run through Ultimit were rolled out wider beyond just the Electricity Supply arena to all the industries Connexis services, including Civil Infrastructure, 3 Waters and Telecommunications.