Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Do companies actually believe in gender equality? - MANAGEMENT TODAY

by  Gabriel Phillips
Originally published: July 26, 2016

In one of Jeremy Corbyn's latest mea culpa moments, he called for small firms to report their gender pay gaps, claiming that women were overrepresented in the lowest paying jobs.

You first, came the unsurprising response.

Corbyn refused. Curiosity piqued, The Times then obtained and published the figures, revealing that men occupied all the senior roles in Corbyn's team while women were relegated to the lowest paid positions. Oh dear.

Here it seemed was yet another example of someone paying lip service to equality, without themselves acting in a meaningful way to bring it about.

Hypocrisy starts at home

Diversity problems are hardly limited to politics, of course. Business has its own share of embarrassing stats and stories.

Take our supposedly enlightened cousins in Silicon Valley. Facebook and Twitter are happy to talk about the importance of diversity, but only 16% and 13% of their tech roles respectively are occupied by women.