Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Five Reasons Women Need To Talk More Openly About What They Earn - FASTCOMPANY

by Reva Seth 
Originally published: July 11, 2016

In one writer's view, many women's reluctance to talk candidly about money is muting their efforts to close the gender pay gap.

I was at dinner recently with some close female friends when the conversation veered into uncomfortable territory: Money. More specifically, what we currently earn versus how we'd like to be compensated.

I sat there saying very little.

Growing up, money—especially for the adult women in my life—was never considered an appropriate topic of discussion. Ideally, you had it; you never admitted that you wanted more of it or acknowledged a lack of it. That was just good manners.

But this recent evening made me realize just how deeply I'd internalized that reticence around money matters—and how personally and professionally detrimental that might be. This is one difficult conversation it literally pays for women to master, both among ourselves and in the workplace at large.