Friday, July 15, 2016

How Designers Can Help The Black Lives Matter Movement - FASTCOMPANY

by Meg Miller 
Originally published:  July 13, 2016

From protest posters to new digital tools, designers have been lending their expertise to fight racial injustice. Here's how you can help.

A designer's role in social justice movements is no longer relegated to drawing protest posters. Designers can create digital tools and data visualizations that help shape and mobilize a cause. They can use visual communication to connect people across the country, orchestrate action, and inspire policy changes. Nowhere is this better exemplified than with Black Lives Matter, the civil rights movement born on the Internet to protest police brutality.

"This iteration of the generations-old movement for black freedom is coming in the age of technology, and that’s really different from any other time in history," says activist Alicia Garza, who cofounded the organization Black Lives Matter, one of several activist networks that helps fuel the movement of the same name. "We can connect with each other across geographical boundaries now. A lot of the ways we use design and technology is based on needing new ways to connect with people and meet people where they’re at. We can be more grounded in the problems that they face and in their own processes in helping to design solutions to make a better world."