Tuesday, July 5, 2016

If diversity is a priority, here are 40 ways to act on it right now - SILICON REPUBLIC

by Lucy Fuggle
Originally published: July 4, 2016
Publisher: SiliconRepublic.com 

Leaving Inspirefest, Lucy Fuggle took away no less than 40 ideas for creating a more diverse and inclusive professional environment.

I owe a lot to the world becoming a more diverse place. I believe I’ve had more opportunities available to me than any other generation, especially as a 23-year-old woman entering STEM from the arts.

Yet there’s still some way to go for diversity, especially in the workplace. This is why Inspirefest exists. The three-day event in Dublin is proof that the world is bloody good at a lot of things. We’re imagining, collaborating, and getting shit done instead of talking.

Thank you, Ann O’Dea, for making it happen, and to every speaker that got on the stage. Let’s follow your lead and get doing.