Friday, July 15, 2016

Is your resumé ‘white’ enough to get the job you want? - TVO

by  Iman Sheikh
Originally published: July 15, 2016

Chloe, 23, remembers the exact moment last year she wanted to quit her job as a beauty advisor at a Toronto drugstore. A woman came in looking for work and, unable to find the store manager, left her resumé with Chloe instead. Upon finding her manager in the back room, Chloe handed him the paper, which she remembers had a Middle-Eastern-sounding name on it.

“He looked at the resumé for about two seconds and said, ‘I’m not hiring a terrorist,” she says.

When she objected, her manager told her to lighten up because it was just a joke—but the jokes didn’t stop. After 18 months with the national retail chain, she resigned in the spring of 2016.

Indian-born Badri, 22, had another problem. As a Ryerson journalism student living in Mississauga — where he also attended elementary, middle and high school — Badri was surprised when he received no response at all to countless job and journalism internship applications during his undergraduate career. That is, until he changed the name on his resumé to Brad.