Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Nurturing diversity - CREATIVE REVIEW

by Jamshid Alamuti
Originally published: July 25, 2016
Published: CreativeReview.co.uk 

The case for diversity goes beyond fairness: diverse workforces can result in better work and results. So why, asks Jamshid Alamuti of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, do so few organisations concentrate on it.

Once again on the road, with my faculty director Dr David Slocum. We’re in Barcelona this time, running a two-day creative leadership programme for the Art Directors Club of Europe. It’s a great group, over 30 creatives from all over place. David and I, having just finished the first day, are in a magnificent-looking tapas bar, and are discussing the high level of energy in the class. David believes it has mainly to do with the diverse group we’re serving. I look at our table, being overloaded with all these different little bowls and dishes, a colourful explosion of so many different tastes and flavour. Diverse indeed.

limited to gender

Some 50 years ago, the business case for ‘diversity’ within the workplace was born as organisations were urged to consider and respect equal opportunity employment objectives. Since then the word ‘diversity’ has often been limited to gender. This however made companies forget about the incomparable power of diversity. Anyone who’s been using intelligent sourcing as one of their leadership tools knows that only a diverse group can provide a wide range of skills and abilities to work and play with. In this case, we are talking about a lot more than just gender. Age, culture, race, religion, or even opposing characteristics such as introverts and extroverts, emotional and factual and much more enriches the field of diversity.