Thursday, July 14, 2016

Racism in Winnipeg: How do police treat Indigenous and black men? Panel weighs in - CBC

Originally published: July 12, 2016

Some black and Indigenous Winnipeggers say they have experienced some sort of racial profiling by police, even though the head of the city's police union says racism is not a problem in the police force.

A panel of three men weighed in on comments made last week by Maurice Sabourin, president of the Winnipeg Police Association, in light of violent shootings involving black men and police in the United States.

Sabourin said despite what some people claim, he does not see racial tensions between officers and different ethnic groups.

"There's always going to be a certain percentage of the population that is racist. I think we're never going to be able to mitigate all of that, but for the most part I believe our members are very well-trained. We do have many policies in place to deal with bias-free policing and so on so forth," Sabourin said.