Monday, July 18, 2016

Train the Brain to Eliminate Racism - CHIEF LEARNING OFFICER

by AnnMarie Kuzel
Originally published: July 14, 2016

Racism has maintained a presence in society for far too long, and the same has been true in the workplace. Judgment, bias and discrimination based on a person’s racial or ethnic background is despicable, and there is no room for such behavior in any organization that strives for success.

Efforts to eliminate racism and discrimination need to be institutional, societal and political, but individual efforts are just as important. Steven Stosny, founder of CompassionPower, said it is possible to train our brains to eliminate racist behaviors, thereby helping to make the workplace more accepting, diverse and amicable, one brain at a time.

In Stosny’s latest book, Soar Above: How To Use The Most Profound Part of Your Brain Under Any Kind of Stress, he describes the difference between the toddler brain and the adult brain, how people are controlled by habits, as well as how to teach the brain to eliminate bad habits and racist behaviors.

He spoke to Chief Learning Officer about some of the book’s ideas, and offered advice on how to train the brain to become workplace-friendly and eliminate racist behaviors.