Friday, July 29, 2016

Transgender Nurse Fights Workplace Discrimination at State Job - CARE 2

by Emily Zak 
Originally publisher: July 25, 2016

The American Civil Liberties Union recently filed a complaint on behalf of Jesse Vroegh, a longtime nurse for the Iowa Department of Corrections who has faced discrimination because he is transgender.

Not only was Vroegh restricted from using men’s bathrooms and locker rooms, but he was also denied health care coverage for treatments similar to what non-trans employees had covered.

While Iowa is one of the 18 states that expressly protects against workplace discrimination for transgender employees, Vroegh’s situation reflects the rampant inequality that trans people still face — even when employed by the government.

In theory, anti-trans discrimination shouldn’t be as much of a problem. In 2012, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission specified that gender identity discrimination counts as sex discrimination.