Wednesday, July 6, 2016

We Need Multi-Generational Leadership Across All Sectors - HUFFINGTONPOST

by Clare Beckton 
Originally published: July 5, 2016

Times are changing. As we look around the world we see turmoil and division. Part of the division comes from the dissatisfaction, frustration, anger and fear of those who feel left out or left behind. Those feeling left out can range across all generations-young people whose ideas and energy are not being recognized and utilized, workers who were in industries where technology has left them behind and no efforts have been made to re-engage them and older workers with much to offer but being pushed aside because of their age.

We live in a complex world and no one generation has all of the answers. More than ever we need to have multi-generational leadership in our governments, public services and in the non- profit and for- profit sectors. Each of the generations has something to offer and learn from each other. We are in an interesting place in our history where information is widely accessible through the Internet and all of its data sources.

Of course the down side is a need to filter out the good information from the irrelevant and time wasting information. We have several generations who have or are growing up digital along with those, myself included who have the daunting task of learning and keeping up with technology in order to stay relevant. We are likely the first generation of parents who know less than our children about a technology, which impacts every aspect of our lives.